Asheville Community Housing Cooperative

A vision is born!

The time is ripe for the formation of an Asheville Community Housing Cooperative!

The vision is a Permanent Real Estate Cooperative model (read more about it at the Sustainable Economies Law Center) cooperative focused on co-living to provide:

  • community run multigenerational co-living spaces
  • affordable living situations
  • high sense of ownership living situations
  • low barrier to entry investment opportunities to people who otherwise would not be able to make real-estate investments

Why Asheville Community Housing Cooperative?

I’m tired of seeing community houses run by old white men who own the land, and full of renters who either lack decision making participation or fear being overridden by their landlord.
I’m tired of seeing opportunities for community living disappear as large homes are sold to wealthy folks for their second or third home.

I’m tired of seeing long time residents who work community jobs or create wonderful community nourishing arts pushed out of Asheville by ever increasing rent prices.

I’m tired of seeing lack of commitment and ownership in community spaces because people never know when the owner may be selling the property or giving it to their kids.

I’m tired of seeing people throw away their money paying rent into someone else’s equity.

We can change this!

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